Software Engineering

Increasingly efficient hardware as well as increasingly complex tasks make stringent demands on an appropriate software.

With sophisticated software engineering, we can help you to meet these challenges and to avoid problems already during the planning phase.

Moreover, professional software engineering allows you to maintain a detailed overview and to ensure sustainability of your software systems.


  • analyze your initial situation in detail
  • define mandatory criteria, desired criteria and delimitation criteria together with you
  • precisely define practible objectives to ensure that your systems can be easily extended according to future needs

Our software engineering principles:

  • supply of latest state-of-the-art technologies, indepent of any specific manufacturers
  • comprehensive services from layout design to commissioning and after-sales service
  • use of established field and system bus technology
  • implementation of interfaces to a great variety of different external systems
  • modular software solutions with standardized, industry-specific tools
  • migration of old systems
  • use of simulation software

Services at a glance

  • SPS software
  • simulation software
  • qualification / validation
  • interface to third party-systems
  • process visualization
  • capture of process data
  • recipe management
  • EDP link-up
  • database systems
  • MES
  • FAT / SAT
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